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Monday, February 8, 2010

Who am I?

No, not navel gazing here, just more marketing stuff ...

Still working on the idea of marketing myself. The latest assignment from Stacey Cornelius's online creative marketing class is to come up with an USP or unique selling proposition. It is to further define how I stand out from other artists. I still do not like my elevator pitch, so I've changed it.

I'm a pastel and oil painter living north of Boston.

Good, like this much better. The whole art history bit can come in my USP. So here is my list:
  • My painting style is contemporary realism.
  • I like to paint everyday life, portraits, and landscapes.
  • I'm always exploring new ideas and love collaborative work.
  • I'm a craft junkie. I like to work on artist trading cards because of their collaborative nature. And have been know to spend too much time jewelery making. I'd love to see craft art elevated to a higher art form.
  • I'm haunted by my art history background. Styles from the great masters always find a way of creeping into my work.
Better. All right, I'm on a roll. Now to add this to my facebook & whatnot "bio"s and go from there.

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