Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Marketing 101

Today I began Stacey Cornelius' The Creative Marketing Foundation Course. Every four days I get one lesson in my email. Today I need to write my elevator pitch: a powerful and unique personal statement in 25 words or less. I guess the idea is to answer the much dreaded question: "what do you do?" in 20 seconds. It should show how I'm unique from all the other wannabe artists in the world. Step one: get over my dislike of self promotion. Blah, just the idea creeps me out. After a few ... ok, 20 ... crumpled pages, here is what I came with:

"So, Kim, what do you do for a living?"
"Well, I'll tell you, mysterious elevator person..."
I'm an art historian turned artist. After studying art history in college, I turned to painting with oils and pastels.

I know this needs work but Stacey does give me four days to work on this. I think I'm going to need all four days. This marketing course for creative types is from the website: The Studio Source and is (my favorite) free.

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