Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Oil and Other Rather Boring Stuff

This little still life is my officially first oil painting. I'm happy with it, but it doesn't have much to say for itself. I picked the orange and green florals from a local craft shop because they looked good together and natural. The little orange pod like flowers have a nice fuzzy outer layer that I thought would be challenging to paint, but wasn't. The blue vase is from Sharon's studio. I wanted to balance the orange with a deep cobalt blue. The table is just one of those cheap folding wood tables you can find almost anywhere. I have yet to paint a still life with some fabric. It is not so much that I am shying away from the difficulty of painting fabric, rather I want to keep the setup uncluttered. Maybe I'm being too critical of this little piece. Boring is ok sometimes, boring can be good. Especially when my life tends to spin out of control. Art is where things can be perfectly still and calm.

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