Saturday, September 19, 2009

About Lucian Freud

The only thing that's interesting about art present or past is quality. The whole mystery of art is why good things are good. - Lucian Freud

I have a new favorite portrait artist, Lucian Freud. Why I didn't know about him until a few days ago is beyond me. Good thing I don't call myself an art historian anymore, not that I ever really did. This artist was mentioned to me at AVEO Pharmaceuticals' informal art show. I chatted with a few people there and mentioned how I wanted to start painting portraits. Freud was brought up. Of course the next day I had to look this artist up and now I am in awe of his work. I'm impressed by the fact that his models will sit for 5 hours, 7 days a week, for several months just for one portrait. This is an interesting article about one model's experience: "Captured by Lucian Freud" by Martin Gayford. Another good article is: "Seeing Through the Skin" from The Guardian.

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